School Management System
School Management System Pro


How it Works


Manage all Administration


Incorporate Teacher Supervision


Complete Student Management


Library Management System


Administer Teacher


Manage Income, Expense, Fee


Student Fees Management

Manage student fees very easily.

Profile system Edit

profile settings as you wish.

Dormitory management

Manage all dormitories of the school.

Parent monitor child activity

Parent can monitor all activities of his child.

Chart & Graph Analysis Exam Marks

Chart & graph representation of exam marks

Transport Management

Transport management for all routes.

Home work document

Attach and download study

Exam Marks Management

Manage exam marks of all students.

Daily Attendance Internal Messaging

Managing daily attendance is now hassle free.

Class routine schedule

Very easy to create and manage class routine schedules.

Library Management System

Systematic management of all library books.

Class Sections

Organize classes in multiple sections for an easier management

1. Highly Secured Multi-user login page

2. All In One Dashboard Summary

3. Teacher Account Management

4. Parent Account Management

5. Class & Section wise Student Management

6. Single Student Admission

7. Student profile & Mark sheet view

8. Academic Syllabus collaboration

9. Class Routine Management

10. Study Documents, Homework, provide by Teacher

11. Daily Attendance Supervision

12. Exam Scheduling

13. Exam Marks, Grade Management

14. SMS sending of student’s exam marks to attached parents phone number

15. Tabulation sheet of total school academic result

16. Student Payment invoice creation

17. Financial Transaction

18. Library & Book Management

19. Transport route, school vehicle Management, and Student attachment

20. Internal Messaging System for Admin, Teacher, Student, Parent

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