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Beauty Parlor Management System
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How it Works

Sign in online whenever, anyplace on your Mac, PC, tablet or telephone and see up and coming Beauty Parlor data – including arrangements, client data and deals information.

Beauty Parlor  Management System“ is online salon programming that is straightforward, keen and once in a while supernatural. Quick and simple checkout process connected to the arrangement journal. Maintain your business in a hurry. Utilize our Responsive Platform to book arrangements, refresh client data and check deals information in a hurry! Get arrange histories and deals synopses in portable and tablet improved perspectives.


Beauty Parlor Management System

Easily Beauty Parlor Management System

Responsive Frontend Interface

Easily use for everyone

Easy To Use contact Option

Easy To Manage and Use contact Option

Beauty Parlor Service List

Select Beauty Parlor Service List

Beautician Profile

View Beautician Profile

Appointment & Booking Management

The client Appointment & Booking Management

Beautician Booking system

Use Beautician Booking system

Easy to print Billing system

Easy to print Billing system

Admin Feature’s ( Administration Section )

* Add / Edit / Delete Customer.
* Manage Customer.
* Add / Edit / Delete Beautician.
* Add / Edit / Delete Beautician Profile.
* Add / Edit / Delete Service.
* Manage Service.
* Add / Edit / Delete Referer.
* Manage Referer.
* Appointment & Booking Management.
* Invoice Management.
* Easy to print Billing system.
* Add / Edit / Delete Site Logo.
* Add / Edit / Delete Contact Number.
* Add / Edit / Delete Site Title & Home Page Content.

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